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Zarina M, Accountant, Mother of two

"I can easily go without coffee and sweets now."

When signing up for 10-Day Body and Mind Detox Program, I was hesitant.  I wasn’t sure I would find the time to cook for myself, considering my already jam-packed schedule.

I was starting the program at during an exceptionally busy month, and had just placed my house on market.  I was leaving my house in “show” condition every day, and didn’t think I would be able to add in the time I needed to dedicate to my program.

But I did.  And due to clean eating I was getting more and more energized, despite the demands of my life.

The most surprising part is, I love the food; particularly the avocado chocolate pudding.  In the past, I had tried to manage my own detox through the use of cleansing kits. I have found the approach utilized through Ultimate Fitness to be a much more effective, safe approach.

After recently finishing the program, I am feeling wonderful.  I am invigorated and energized, and my craving for sweets has all but disappeared. Looking ahead, I plan to keep many of the program components in my daily routine (Green smoothies, healthy desserts, Dry Skin Brushing, etc.)

I had not established a weight-loss goal, as my priority was to simply establish healthy habits and cleanse my body. However, I lost 1.5 kgs - mostly from my tummy area.

During a recent office holiday lunch, I didn't have the desire to eat any of the baked good and desserts; opting for a plate of fruit instead.  I also find that I’m able to resist my love of coffee (A big surprise!).

The Ultimate Fitness program is exceptionally easy to follow.  Galiya is always available to reply to my questions, and to provide me with the support I need – especially when I have considered giving up.

The recipes are amazing, and easy to prepare, as well.  As I am a busy single mom with two kids, that is of particular importance to me.  My children are eating better, as well, which is wonderful to see.

I have begun to love myself again.

I can’t say enough good things about Galiya, and this program!  Thanks so much for your help with for helping me to get back on track. I had been feeling down – but no more!

Thanks again Galiya.  See you tomorrow morning, for training!



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