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Zurab L, Business Owner, 58.

"After 4 months of training, I have become stronger and enjoying better quality of life."

I started training with Ultimate Fitness because of my desire to lose weight, look great, and maintain my good health.

I enjoy being part of Men’s Strength Training Team, which has led to the achievement of these goals.  Training is provided with professionalism, while we get stronger together.  We are able to help and support each other, while Galiya provides adequate individual attention to each team member.  It’s a happy atmosphere – while still being productive.


After 4 months of training, I have become stronger – with increased muscle mass.  My endurance is greatly improved, and I feel much more energetic.  Recently I built a gazebo, a set of swings and a coffee table – as a DIY project - all with my own hands and tools.  I find I have wanted to be doing these kinds of things, instead of lounging on the couch.

I am also looking forward to taking more road trips and simply enjoying life at the fullest.

I am definitely realizing a better quality life.  Thank you for that.



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