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Magzuma A. Banking Manager, Mother of Three.

"I finally enjoy looking in the mirror again."


After the birth of my third child, I really needed to find some energy to make it through the days – and nights. A  friend of mine recommended Galiya, as someone who could help.

As my friend was someone already very healthy and fit, I acted upon her recommendation almost right away.

My favorite part of my new program with Galiya, was each session’s unique plan.  She customized the program to match my learning style, training preferences, and my physical strengths and weaknesses. As I result, I started to see results very quickly. Moreover, I enjoyed the take-home routines that Galiya provided.

What makes this services special is that Galiya was a role model to me.  I believe this was had a huge impact on my overall motivation to succeed.  She is a strong, beautiful woman – who still manages to do so much within her busy schedule.

After training, I feel simply fantastic. I finally enjoy looking in the mirror again, and I have started receiving complements from friends from around the world – after posting my recent pictures on Facebook.  I’m proud to say that these same friends are now seeking out a professional like Galiya.

So far, I have lost 10 kgs.  More importantly, my body is much stronger, I am more confident—and I have that energy I was looking for.

I would, with certainty, recommend Galiya.  She is passionate about what she does, result-oriented, and she pays attention to those small details that are so easily missed.  I also found her very easy to work with, while still providing the motivation I needed, to keep moving ahead.



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