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Alexandra, Busy Mom

"I dropped from dress size 14 to 6 and I see more potentials"


Sometimes it’s about the simple things.

Now I can easily run a flight of stairs, when that was not always possible.  I am like a new machine – in full gear – with no rust left on the wheels. I see potential in myself now. And life seems more vibrant and colorful.

I dropped from dress size 14 to 6, yet I’m still ready for more.

Coach Galiya knows how to make you friends with fitness. She guides you through changes to nutrition and lifestyle, while leading you through exercise progression. She turns the whole process into an interesting game.

It’s so convenient that I am able to receive all of these different services, under one roof.  Even if you’ve never participated in a structured program before, Galiya will patiently show you the ropes - and the results will surely come.  She has a unique approach for everyone, no matter the experience, or fitness level.

I look forward to each training session with our UF team!  Thank you Galiya!



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